Pilot Handbook

Helping non-career pilots become safer and more confident in the air


Pilots have to remember and apply a substantial amount of information to safely conduct their flights. This can range from tedious regulatory information, to specifics of certain weather phenomena. Career pilots have the advantage of constant repetition and standard operating procedures that help internalise the information they need to know. Non-career pilots, who are unable to fly so regularly, do not have the same luxury.

Current pilot publications generally comprise of two main categories: theoretical textbooks used during training, and aircraft specific manuals and checklists:


The proposal is a data driven, quick reference handbook for non-career pilots, that allows one to refresh their memory on critical safety information, and is optimised towards the following objectives:


The first Alpha draft version of the handbook is now available and being tested as part of the pilot feedback group. An iterated Beta version will be made more publicly available later it the year.

Sample pages from Weather section version to illustrate the intended structure:


The handbook will include the following sections:

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