Flying is a privilege that has eluded humankind until only a century ago.

I enjoy flying for the ability to see the world from new perspectives, and apply knowledge of aerospace, meteorology and critical thinking to the real world.

AirMo encompasses all my aviation related projects and activities - ultimately with a mission to share the joy of flight and contribute to the field of aviation.

Most importantly, it's where I combine my experience and skills from other disciplines, such as innovation and technology, to more uniquely contribute to a more accessible, safer, and enjoyable aviation.

AirMo Goals

Contribute to the field of aviation

By providing simple resources for fellow pilots.

See Pilot Handbook

Explore the world in flight

Through commercial and non-commercial flying trips.

See Photography

Help more people to experience the joy of aviation

For example, by providing non-profit tour flights and non-profit flight instruction for those from disadvantaged and less affluent backgrounds.

This website is an archive and not updated regularly.