Hi there, I'm Mo 🙂

I work in the domain of product strategy and innovation by trade, but I'm multi-disciplinary by nature; I have an appreciation for all disciplines, from the sciences to the arts.

I have an unending curiosity for understanding how the world works, the mechanics of life and what makes people tick.

I embrace change, and I strive to work on forward-looking, innovative solutions to problems around the world. I find great contentment in seeing the world from new perspectives, and capturing the beauty of these experiences through writing and photography.


To innovate products & systems that improve people's lives

By intersecting human understanding, technology and design, and marrying what's possible with what the world needs.

See Innovation

To explore the world in flight, and contribute to the field of aviation

By working on new aerial transport ecosystems based on electric propulsion, and providing simple resources for fellow pilots.

See Aviation and Photography

To help the disadvantaged and those who are less fortunate

Either person by person, or at scale. And to dispel one of the greatest fallacies of modern cultural thought; the belief that we are fully accountable for our life circumstances, despite all the inequalities that exist.

See this article for some high level thoughts on this topic

To understand life in a way that helps maximise peace of mind

And use any acquired knowledge to help others with the same endeavour.

This website is an archive and not updated regularly.