Product Book


The ‘startup’ world is fraught with branded processes, acronyms and tales of riches and glamour. But for me, building products is simply a discipline of creating positive change for others.

My mission with this book is to share an accessible, intuitive and big-picture understanding of product development principles, that does not rely on specific methodologies and processes, and can be applied to almost any context.


A handbook that can be used by non-career pilots before every flight, to refresh themselves on critical safety information that can help them make better decisions in the air, and operate as more confident pilots:


As I am currently in a product role, the final version of this book will not be published for some years. The book will however be available in alpha and beta for feedback collection purposes

IFR Procedures
VFR Procedures
EmergenciesEngine Failure (Single Engine)Ready
EmergenciesEngine Failure (Multi Engine)Ready
EmergenciesOther FailuresPartial

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