Software Engineering Projects

Software Projects

Although I now operate predominantly through product and strategy roles, and no longer develop software directly, here are some examples of previous software platforms built from scratch as a lead engineer.

Marketplace Platform

Platform mission: provide a superior experience for student and book-led marketplaces, including a faster, one-click IBSN based book listing and pricing feature. Initially implemented as a student marketplace for universities (CollegeStall, later renamed UnisPost), and later sold to another owner.

Interactive Learning Platform

Platform mission: empower corporates to gamify and increasing engagement of compliance courses using an interactive, 2d, exploration-based learning environment. Initially prototyped for a UK corporate bank. Functioned as lead developer and architect in a small team.

Consultancy Business Platform

Platform mission: provide a simplified, low workload interface to collect and manage client queries for consultancy businesses. Initially implemented for a construction estimation startup.

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